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Next SMBA Executive meeting June 1, 2014
7:00 @ Kaley's Restaurant , 33 Robinson Street

June 14th Picture Day Schedule @ Lion's Park
8:30 TBALL Optimist Club
8:45 TBALL Brody Mechanical
9:00 TBALL Grand River
9:15 TBALL Gary Haviland
9:30 TBALL Coldwell Banker
9:45 ROOKIE Demeyere
10:00 ROOKIE Eisings
10:15 ROOKIE Clear Lines
10:30 ROOKIE RoseLe
10:45 ROOKIE Townsend Mutual
11:00 ROOKIE Victor Pool
11:15 ROOKIE Canadian Tire
11:30 MOSQUITO Simcoe Lighting
11:45 MOSQUITO Canadian Tire
12:00 Mosquito S/C Turkstra Lumber
12:15 Mosquito Tier 1 Cleaver Orchards
12:30 PEEWEE Grand River
12:45 PEEWEE Simcoe Lions
1:00 PEEWEE Tier 2 Simcoe Lions
1:15 BANTAM Kwic Internet
1:30 Minor Bantam Tier 1 Kent Kreek Berries
1:45 Major Bantam Tier 1 Elite Pak
2:00 MIDGET D&B Climate Care
2:15 MIDGET Roulstons
2:30 Midget Tier 1  Picards

2014 House League Schedules
T-Ball House League Schedule
Rookie House League Schedule
Mosquito House League Schedule
Peewee House League Schedule
Bantam House League Schedule
Midget House League

2014 REP Team Schedules
Rookie Rep Schedule
Mosquito Southern Counties Rep Schedule
Mosquito Tier 1 Schedule
Peewee Tier 2 Schedule
Minor Bantam Tier 1 Schedule
Major Bantam Tier 1 Schedule
Midget Tier 1 Schedule


Rookie                June 27-29
Mosquito            July 25-27
Peewee               July 25-27

Tournament Application Form


Coaches for 2014 Rep teams.

If you would like information about the team or if you can't make the first
tryout then please contact the coach to express your interest.

Rookie Select                   Jeff Shortt                       jeffshortt@gmail.com
MosquitoTier 1                 Dave Leatherland           dleather@amtelecom.net 
Mosquito S/C                   Shawna Cloet                  cloet@kwic.com
Peewee Tier 2                   Don Robinson                dprobinson@hotmail.ca
Bantam Minor Tier 1        Steve Wall                      thewalls@eastlink.ca
Bantam Major Tier 1        Jay MacDonald               jmac11@eastlink.ca
Midget Major Tier 1          Tim Dedrick                    the.dedricks@sympatic.ca 

smoke free

 SMBA has proudly become a member of the Norfolk Non-Profit Bingo Assoc. Simcoe Minor Baseball Association will be hosting a Bingo on April 8, May 7 & June 9 at the Chances Bingo hall located on Park Road in Simcoe. Please come out and have a little fun playing bingo while helping to support 30 great local Non-Profit organizations. 



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