Next SMBA Meeting October 5 @ 7:00pm at Kaley's Restaurant

SMBA 2015 Annual General Meeting

November 2, 2014 at Kaley's Restaurant @ 7:00PM
It is once again time for the SMBA Annual General
Meeting to elect the open Executive Members for
the 2015 Season.
Any member can make nominations
or self nominate him/herself for any open Elected
Executive position. Nominations must be submitted
electronically or in writing by Oct.15, 2014 to the
President Cory Moulton, .
Any nominations submitted between October 15
and the Annual General Meeting will not be accepted.

Elected Executive positions open for election are as follows:

Vice President            2 Year Term
Secretary                    1 Year Term
Treasurer                    1 Year Term


Coaches for the 2015 SMBA Rep teams are as follows:

Rookie Rep          Jeff Shortt      
Mosquito Tier 1   Chad Leman  
Peewee Tier 1      Dave Leatherland
Bantam Tier 1      Greg Zelem   
Midget Tier 1       Tim Dedrick

Any questions about the Tier 1 teams and tryouts please
forward to the appropriate coach.





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 SMBA has proudly become a member of the Norfolk Non-Profit Bingo Assoc. Simcoe Minor Baseball Association will be hosting a Bingo on April 8, May 7 & June 9 at the Chances Bingo hall located on Park Road in Simcoe. Please come out and have a little fun playing bingo while helping to support 30 great local Non-Profit organizations. 



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