It’s very easy to customize trucker hats because of a single front panel and because it’s made of foam. Patches can easily be sewn onto the front of trucker hats. The front panel can also be embroided or printed. For the budding artist, sharpies will even draw on the front panel of the hat! It is more difficult, however, to customize the rear of the hat due to the plastic mesh. Most trucker hats are left blank at the back.

Where to find Trucker Hats

Many clothing labels are producing these hats now, as part of their fashion line. Surf, skate and streetwear companies have capitalized on the popularity. There are also companies who specialize in the design of unique hats, some with ironic messages, others with nice designs. Below are some of the best places to search for pre-designed hats, and also places you can design your own.