Fashion is a form of expression. This is probably the reason why different generations are distinguished by the fashion waves that existed in that era.

For example, the hippie revolution in the seventies shows the rise of the bohemian lifestyle during those times. Today, the current generation has been hooked up on the gangster rap culture like ridiculously big shirts, blue jeans, loafers, jewelry, and of course, the flat bill hats.

Also known as baseball hat or dog ear cap because of its long stiff brim and closed back which does not have a plastic, Velcro or elastic adjuster. Its rise has been associated with the opposition to the entire broken in style of wearing hats which is common to the upper and middle class in the United States.

What makes the flat bill hats so popular today? To have the likes of 50 Cent, Justin Bieber and a whole lot more celebrities dress with it is so intriguing, right? Not really. If you look at the kind of music people enjoy most today, hip-hop would be on top. This is the kind of music formerly associated with African-Americans.  Hip-hop helped them express their struggles in a white-man dominated country. The origin of these hats can be traced to ghetto proliferation in America, when the social divide between the two in the streets of New York was obvious. As a matter of fact, curved bill hats are perceived to have more suburban look in it.

What we can learn from this historical visit is that there has been a shift in perceptions. Gone are the days that only a specific group of people can wear or hang out at a certain place, and wear a certain piece of clothing. The fashion revolution has begun.

On a less serious note, flat bill hats are popular because it can be worn with almost anything. One of the many reasons why it’s risen in popularity is the fact that flat bill hats are very versatile.  If you’re feeling sporty, wear it to a baseball game. If you simply just want to hang out, wear it and you will fit right in since almost everyone wears it anyway. Even the coat and tie get-up can even be paired with this hat, as Hollywood stars have been wearing these hats  in formal events to begin with.

Another reason why these types of hats are popular is because the flat bill can be used for protection. In occupations where the worker has to stay long hours under the sun, the bill can be used as protection as it directly covers the area of the face where the sun, dust and other dangerous particles can easily damage.

From being labeled as dog ear baseball hats to a preppy hit style, flat bill hats are surely the front lines of the brand new era – a generation that dresses to express, and a culture that understands the concept of hip to swagger. It is now more than a piece of clothing. It’s now considered a lifestyle.